Recruitment Collaborator

Recruiters have evolved in their role over the years and have gone from just candidate delivery to being a complete hiring and talent partner for employers across the industry. 

As the recruitment and selection process evolves over time, so does the need for companies to jump on board in order to stay ahead of the competition. As we’ve previously mentioned, there is a war for talent and in order to win this war, proper preparation and a solid strategy is required. 


Why use GemPool as your recruitment collaborator?

With our extensive experience in the tech industry and our consultative approach to our service delivery, we believe that we have grown and adapted to the demands in front of us. 

We understand that sometimes companies require to bring us on board for specific areas related to their talent acquisition strategy and candidate management. For this purpose we have broken down our consultation into 4 parts:

Outplacement Services

Outplacement Service

We understand that sometimes companies have to make the tough choice to let some of their valued employees go, due to varying circumstances. Since we know you wish the best for your employees, we would like to offer this service for free.

The idea is to update and prepare the employee for future opportunities and connect them with those opportunities as well. Find out more here.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Creating a strong brand name in the market not only improves the level of talent flow to the company but also improves the level of retention rates as your employees feel a stronger loyalty towards the brand.

As recruiters speaking to talent in the market on a daily basis are aware of these trends and will be able to better position you as a company for this win. Find out more here.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping

Talent mapping helps nurture emerging markets and prepare companies to position themselves in such a way that they’re able to obtain a good share of this talent pool. 

Talent mapping uses a specific formula to evaluate the readiness and performance of your required workforce. It is a complete process of creating a blueprint to identify the exact talent you need, the skills required and more. The goal is to identify high-potential employees whose current abilities align with your strategic priorities for the operation to hope to have in Ireland. Find out more here.

Recruitment by Design

Recruitment by Design

This offering is specially designed for companies with smaller budgets, but requires the support of a recruiters’ network and skills. 

Under this arrangement, the company themselves can be the designer of the service and use our assistance only in those areas where they face issues. Use the help of recruiters only for those parts of the recruitment process that are extremely time consuming for you.  Find out more here.


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