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If you’re working in the data centre space you will probably relate to some of the following pain points with regards to talent acquisition. As a specialist IT recruitment agency who has worked in this space for over 18 years, we have come across these challenges before:


  • Time constraints: You need a quick and reactive recruitment process. 
  • Project delivery: A variety of projects might pop-up, which require quick turnaround in terms of headcount. You need top talent in a quick time frame.  
  • Candidate management: Most of the time, there’s a large volume of candidates required for various teams across the data centre. With large volume comes the need for dedicated candidate management at different stages of the process like; onboarding, contract creations, payroll and collection of essential documents. 

If you relate to one or all of the above mentioned pain points/ concerns, you’re on the right page!



What does our recruitment process look like?


Recruitment services for Data Centres in Ireland




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