Our Leadership Team

Michael Lantry
Director - Software Development

+353 87 7546331

Michael is responsible for the recruitment of Management and Exec level professionals for our clients. Michael is a Director and has the honour of leading a team of high performing Recruitment Consultants. When he gets a spare few minutes he can be found either eating cake or out for a run!

Robert Hourie
Director - Professional Services

+353 019017821

Rob is our Director and is a Specialist Recruiter in the IT infrastructure space, responsible for over 100 placed IT professionals per year. Rob loves his football and a dedicated father to 3 girls.

Rory Lawlor
Senior Java Recruitment Consultant

+353 019017822

Rory recruits for Java and Python. Outside of work he enjoys all types of sports. 

Laura Mooney
Software QA Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052948

In short (excuse the pun) Laura is our QA consultant.

Richard Ward
IT Security Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052945

Ric heads up the Security desk, here at GemPool. When not at work, Ric spends his time walking and spending time with his family (or, to be more specific, being bossed around by his three-year-old). Fun fact: Ric is the voice of public transport announcements, in his former stomping ground of Ostrava, Czech Republic. "Next stop..."

Sarah Cotter
PHP and Ruby On Rails Recruitment Consultant

+353 857648120

Sarah is our PHP and Ruby On Rails Recruiter. When she is not recruiting she is busy baking. Who doesn't love homemade brownies on a Monday morning?

Namratha Ambat
Digital Marketing Executive


Namratha/Nam is responsible for all of GemPool's marketing activities. Also, if you get on her good side, she's willing to share her Netflix password with you. 

Cathal McAliskey
.NET and Mobile Recruitment Consultant

+353 019017820

Cathal recruits .Net and Mobile professionals. He is an IT Teacher turned IT Recruiter, avid Tyrone GAA Fan and sports enthusiast. He is a country boy taking on the big city. 

Antonio Gambin
Data, Machine Learning and AI Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052949

Antonio recruits, therefore he is. He recruits Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence professionals. He is a firm believer of Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics".

Kelley O’Neill
IT Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052422

So a woman is chasing down an ice cream truck...

And the ice cream man stops and says, "What can I get for you, Ma'am?"

She says "Nothing, just wanted to tell you I'm vegetarian.”

This is Kelley. Well, she also recruits Sales professionals.

Ciaran Williams
IT Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052942

The new old guy. Ciaran (Willy) has recently returned to GemPool after a year in the US. He recruits for all your IT Security needs.

Julieta Laurens
UI Developers Recruitment Consultant

+353 019052420

Julieta is our UI Developers specialist, when you mention "React" she starts dancing. 

Fun fact: as a result of her wanderlust, her passport has been stamped in all the continents, so don't hesitate to ask her for a few ideas if you have holidays coming your way!