Recruitment by Design

Recruitment By Design is a full service recruitment product that caters to the specific elements of the recruitment process that you want assistance with. Consider it an a la carte menu allowing you to select which recruitment activity you would like help with, and which you do not. 

How is recruitment by design beneficial to companies?

Typically a recruitment agency will offer the full life cycle product from, finding and sending the CVs, through to the offer/acceptance stage, for an average of 15%-20% fee for the privilege. 

This product is designed to cater to those working off smaller budgets or simply do not need the entire end-to-end service. GemPool’s unique Recruitment by Design product is tailored to your specific needs and nothing else.  

For example: say you post a job and get 300 applications. You might not have time to go through all the CVs so decide to choose the first 10 applicants and reject the other 290. Within that 290 might have been the best candidate, but you simply didn’t have time to go through them all. 

To address this particular scenario, all you might need from us is the initial CV review and candidate screening of those 300 applications, and you are happy to take it from there. 

With Recruitment by Design, you design the service you need from us, and we deliver it. It gives you access to the expertise we have, but strips back all the other things you don’t need. It saves you time, and money. 

Other services might be to conduct only first round interviews, handle psychometric testing, cultural interviews or rejecting all your candidates on your behalf. 


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