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Welcome to our Talent on Demand Solution! If you’re here, you’re most likely finding it tough to fill specific roles. We know that the competition is tough and talent is scarce, but we definitely have the IT network you’ll need to find the right candidates. 

Do these pain points sound familiar?

  • Not getting the flow of CV’s you need?
  • Not getting the quality of candidates coming through? 
  • Are you working with a few agencies but the role is still open?
  • Do you feel you don't know how your role stacks up against similar ones in the market?
  • Is your time to hire more than 10 weeks for tech talent?
  • Are your hiring managers spending too much time screening candidates?
  • Do you find the recruitment solution you currently use is expensive, unpredictable and not delivering value?

These are all very normal paint points that we hear every day. Our Talent on Demand Solution may be just what you need right now. We can help to increase the quality and flow of candidates to your hiring managers. We will prescreen them for skills match but also culture fit. We can speed up the time to hire and reduce the overall cost to your business, while delivering better value to you. 


Let us tell you how we can help you:

If you have been trying to secure the talent for a high-priority role and haven’t had any luck, our Talent on Demand solution can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Our existing network of passive candidates and our well-experienced group of IT recruiters can help turn the process around quickly. 

For example- we enabled Longboat Clinical to secure the talent they needed to expand and deliver on their product development roadmap. Starting with senior posts, we filled the Lead, Senior and Mid-level positions to meet their back-end development needs, front-end resources, as well as QA. In total, we placed 12 successful candidates into the technology team. 

Having a good communication channel and long-lasting relationship with our clients, helps us learn more about the project demands, culture fit and skill requirements. So, when we delivered on the hiring needs for Longboat Clinical it was great to see the feedback from the HR Manager:


IT Recruitment Service Review


What would this recruitment process look like?

tech recruitment process

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