Our Approach

The tech industry has been growing and will continue to grow at a rapid rate. To support this growth, IT companies are constantly looking to increase their headcount.

Looking to build a streamlined recruitment process?

creating a seamless recruitment process

As leading tech recruitment consultants we use our skills, knowledge, support and insights at every stage of the recruitment and selection process. Our keen eye with regards to market trends, candidate expectations and industry competition will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

How do we ensure you’re delivered with the best recruitment experience? It’s simple, we go by the ‘5T’ policy:


Tailored service

We connect with you, we understand your needs and reach an agreement that will best suit your immediate target. Be it a pool of developers for a particular team, a temporary rise in headcount for a project or an executive role to be filled to lead a team. 

At our first consultation with you, we will be able to map out the most promising strategy for your business.


Two-way communication

Once we’ve settled on a path forward, our focus will immediately then shift to understand your business. We know that you look for more than just the technical skills in your new hire, they need to culturally fit into the company as well. 

These kinds of pointers can be provided by only members of the company. We make it our duty to completely qualify the role at the very beginning so that we’re able to deliver the most relevant and well suited profiles. 


Questions most frequently asked during the qualification call: 

  • Role requirements, what's this person going to do? 
  • Key skills needed - What skills are needed and what can be trained? 
  • Urgency - Who is affected if this role is not filled? 
  • Salary - what's the budget, is it comparable to the market? 
  • Job benefits- What kind of additional perks and incentives are involved that can make the role more attractive?


Technical expertise: 

Our team of recruiters use their technical skillset to source and attract talent through different channels. They leave no stone unturned in terms of sourcing tools and using various job boards. But the real game changer is their ability to connect with passive candidates, nurture that relationship and convert them into hires when the right opportunity arrives. 

Our recruiters’ networks, technical abilities and keen attention to detail, helps us deliver top quality results.  


Timely delivery:

We aim to deliver based on the timeline discussed during the first qualification call. We commend ourselves for having a quick turnaround. 

If at any point the role seems hard to fill, we promise complete transparency and provide you with market intelligence that can help you amend requirements as necessary.


Trusted partner: 

Our relationship with our clients goes beyond just your recruitment needs. We make it our goal to share market knowledge, salary insights, candidate opinions and any relevant information with our clients to keep them well informed always. 

We also collaborate with your company to help conduct all the administrative requirements in terms of scheduling interviews and relaying feedback to candidates, as we essentially act as an extension of the company brand in the market. 

We believe in providing a completely consultative approach with our service to help our clients meet their goals.  


Would you like to get acquainted with the best practices in the Irish recruitment industry? 

If so, you can download our Recruitment Guide. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for valuable insights into salary rates, please check out our bi-annually-updated Tech Salary Guide for the latest stats and trends across the Irish tech employment sector.