Outplacement Services

GemPool can deliver a unique outplacement service to your business making the very painful process of losing members of your team, a little bit less so. It is never an easy decision to make staff redundant, or lose people who you work alongside. 

What is our role?

What if you could arm your employees with access to the information, tools and strategies that will give them the best chance of success if finding a new role?

With GemPool’s outplacement services, we can make this happen, and it's free. 

We have a unique outplacement cycle that covers everything that a person needs to do in order to find that next opportunity. This would include tools, resources, insights and guidance on what to do to find a new job. The areas that we cover are: 

  • Personal Goal Setting

  • Understanding The Jobs Market

  • The Search Process

  • Using LinkedIn

  • Building a Personal Brand

  • CV Preparation

  • Engaging Potential Employers

  • Interview & Presentation Skills

  • Using Job Boards & the Internet

  • Selecting a Recruitment Agency

  • Confidence & Resilience

  • Personal Well Being

This is how it works…

  1. When introduced to someone who needs to find a new role, one of our expert Recruitment Consultants will have a kick off meeting to understand the needs and requirements for that individual. Then we can tailor our support to ensure the best chance of success.

  2. The candidate will have access to our outplacement cycle which will give them everything they need to get that next job. They will have unique access to our platform, for free, to use and work though, at their own pace.

  3. GemPool will give advice, guidance and ultimately, aim to place them into their next role. If we can’t place them ourselves, we will try everything we can to introduce them to someone who can. 

To engage with GemPool on our Outplacement Service, come talk to one of our Directors to learn more about how we can support you during this difficult time. It would be our pleasure to give you a tour of our platform.


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