Data Centre Jobs in Ireland

Growing job opportunities within Data Centres

Over the past few years, Ireland has been deemed the ideal location for setting up data centres, and with over 50 operational centres and many more under development and at the approval stage, the number of centres in the country is set to double by 2025.

This extremely positive growth has generated a significant number of jobs for people working in this space. We have a team of IT recruitment consultants, who work on a daily basis to fill these jobs with some of the biggest employer names in the industry. 

Although we do recruit for permanent positions in data centres, the majority of our hires in this area are on a contract basis. If you are concerned about contracting, we have a few pro tips to help you understand why contracting could be a good career option for you. You can find out more on the pros and cons of IT contracting blog. We also have a few insights regarding your earning potential as a contractor at an Irish-based company here.

We understand that you might have further questions surrounding this topic and might want more insights, you can always email us at and we'd be happy to share our time, knowledge and experience with you.

Average Salary for Jobs in Data Centres 

Our recently released 2021 Information Technology Salary Guide for Ireland highlights the different salaries offered to data centre staff. 

  • CCNA Network Engineer: €25000-40000 per annum

  • Data Centre Operatives: €30000-35000 per annum

  • Data Centre Technicians: €30000-40000 per annum

  • Data Centre Managers: €50000-70000 per annum

  • Data Center Engineer: €45000-60000 per annum

  • Data Centre Operative (contract): €160 dail rate

  • Cabling Technician (contract): €160 daily rate

  • Network Engineer (contract): €450-550 daily rate

  • Warehousing/ Provisioning Operative (contract): €13/hour

Now hiring for Data Centre jobs in Ireland


Current jobs market for Data Centre Jobs

As the focal point of a technical strategy team, Data Centre Engineers are not praised enough for keeping our Data Centres running. Data Centres are critical to our everyday lives and this workforce sits in the shadows of our front line workers. Without Data Centers and the hands-on experience and expertise of those who run them, none of us could work from home.

Having said that, we have seen a rise of 3% of people moving roles, between countries, infrastructures and operating environments in recent months. Due to ongoing restrictions and the risk of an outbreak of Covid-19 in Data Centres, it remains difficult to bring mass employment and long-term job security to the sector.

We have seen the larger Data Centre infrastructure continue to grow and see a huge requirement in Q2/Q3 as restrictions lift and vaccinations take effect.

Job search resources for Data Centre jobs

Job interview processes are always nerve-wracking and we understand the concerns around them. As experts in this field for over 16 years now, we’ve been able to compile some in-depth content containing useful information to help you as a candidate succeed in your job application process.

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