Systems & Technical Support Jobs in Ireland

As IT recruitment specialists, we hire candidates for various positions across the tech industry. Systems and technical support is one of many. Every company requires it’s efficient team technical support staff to ensure that all functions can be carried out in a systematic manner. Hence, there exists growing job opportunity in this area.

We recruit candidates for technical support positions with varying levels of experience, on both permanent and contract basis. If you’re looking to compare the two different work arrangements and arrive at the best arrangement for yourself, you have a look at our post on contract vs. permanent job opportunities.

Our recruitment services aim to provide the most consultative experience for all our candidates. So, if you have any questions during the recruitment process, please ensure to contact the consultant for any queries and they would be happy to help. You can find our list of IT recruitment consultants on our team's page.

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Key job trends for Systems and Technical Support Talent

There exists quite a large and strong talent pool of people with these job titles. In terms of gender there is roughly 27% female and 73% male. In the last year there has been a 11% rise in professionals who have changed to this profession. Demand for this skill set is very high with over 1,627 current live roles in the marketplace according to Linkedin.


Average salaries offered to Systems and Technical Support staff

Following are the salaries offered for different levels of experience:

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