Information Technology Salary Guide Ireland 2024

Information Technology Salary Guide Ireland 2024

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Ireland’s 2024 IT Salary Guide is here!

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Market trends

market trends

In 2023, a year marked by cautious spending, job losses, and a slowdown in recruitment processes, there was a striking shift from the hiring surge witnessed in the early stages of 2022. Despite initially strong positions, major players such as Meta, Google, and Amazon underwent staff reductions. While the tech sector did face challenges, the impact wasn't as severe as initially anticipated.

While the expectation was for a surge in available candidates, indicating a more abundant pool of skilled talent, the reality proved otherwise. This was evidenced by the continued record low unemployment levels in Ireland throughout  2023. Acquiring the best talent for new roles remained a challenge, as individuals were hesitant to make career transitions. Another factor that drove up the competition was the lack of work flexibility. The removal of the flexibility that people had grown accustomed to resulted in widespread disappointment. As a result companies insisting on on-site work faced greater hurdles in securing top talent.

Reviewing the year through the lens of a recruitment agency, we observed a reduction in hiring processes during Q1, followed by a notably quiet Q2. It wasn't until Q3 that we experienced an increase in demand within our sector, with clients actively pursuing additional talent. Anecdotally, from talking to many other recruitment agencies throughout Ireland and the UK, there was an increased demand for permanent hires across most domains, including tech. Typically, agency recruitment is a good barometer of the economy. But while there was a bit more demand, it wasn't significant. 

The outlook for 2024 is still uncertain as there haven’t been specific indicators to suggest a specifically more positive or negative outlook. While the tech sector didn't experience the anticipated late-year bounce back, and certain challenges persist, a positive outlook is warranted. Encouragingly, Ireland is witnessing announcements of new job opportunities and investment plans, providing a promising note for the future.



What does this tech salary guide for Ireland cover?

  1. Our new comprehensive salary guide will cover salary levels (both permanent and contracting rates) for different roles across the Software Development, Product and Design and the Infrastructure, Data Centres and Networking sectors. 

  2. It also covers details on the most sought after skills across the IT market and sheds light on the areas where candidates have been seen to upskill.

  3. You will also find insights on the in-demand and most popular employee benefits across the tech space.

  4. We also dive into the top 5 industry trends to focus on in 2024.

  5. Finally we explore the growth of IT contracting in Ireland and its future in 2024.


This document was created with the aim to help you, as employers and employees, better shape your recruitment plans and understand your place in the market. 

To ensure you are delivered with the best and most reliable information, our team of highly experienced IT recruitment consultants conducted extensive research throughout the year and engaged with the talent market to create this guide.




Looking for a new IT job in Ireland this new year?

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If you’re looking for a new start on the job front as we close up the 2023 chapter and begin fresh in 2024, get in touch with our team of IT recruiters and we might have something suitable for you. You can also check out our jobs page to catch a glimpse of the live roles we’re currently working on. If you find something you like and is well-tailored to you, apply, and let’s get the ball rolling.

You can also head over to our career insights page to learn more about the industry, find interview and career tips, and more. If you’re a company looking for some assistance regarding your recruitment plans get in touch with us to help map out your hiring plans in the new year.







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