Information Technology Salary Guide Ireland 2022

Information Technology Salary Guide Ireland 2022

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by Namratha Ambat
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Ireland’s 2022 IT Salary Guide is here!

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Market trends

market trends

We’re close to the end of yet another turbulent year. The year 2021 started off with lockdowns, but slowly and surely things began to look up with the economy opening up all thanks to the vaccines.

One area that we definitely saw growth in was the IT sector in Ireland. Tech companies are flourishing and ready to hire more people and scale up. 

The market once again is candidate-driven. There is a sense of growing optimism in the job market within tech, where the talent available is considered highly valuable and in order to secure this talent pool, higher salaries and substantial perks are being offered. Working from home or hybrid options are no longer an ‘added bonus’, rather it’s a norm in the industry.

Companies need to get creative with their strategies for talent acquisition and develop an employer brand that is stronger than ever in order to attract candidates.

The good news is we’ve been speaking to companies around Ireland and they all indicate that they’re looking to hire in the new year. There are a number of job opportunities opening up on the infrastructure and data centre side, as well as within software development. We at GemPool are recruiting for many of these roles, so head over to our IT careers page and have a look. 


What does this tech salary guide cover?

  1. Salary trends in the market, along with the information on the demand for different skills in both the software development sector and the infrastructure, data centres and networking sectors. 

  2. Permanent employee salary rates within both the mentioned sectors. 

  3. Finally contains the contract rates for different areas within the industry. 

This whole document was  created with the aim to help you as employers and employees in the market better shape your recruitment plans and understand your worth in the market. 

To ensure you are delivered with the best and most reliable information, our team of highly experienced IT recruitment consultants conducted extensive research throughout the year, to create this guide. 


Looking for a new IT job this new year?

applying for IT jobs in ireland

If you’re looking for a new start on the job front as we close up the 2021 chapter and begin fresh in 2022, get in touch with our team and we might have something suitable for you. You can also check out our jobs page to catch a glimpse of the live roles we’re currently working on. If you find something you like and are well-tailored to you, apply, and let’s get the ball rolling.

You can also head over to our career insights page to learn more about the industry, find interview and career tips, and more.



Download our 2022 IT Salary Guide below:

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