PHP & Ruby Development Jobs in Ireland

PHP is a popular web programming language due to its fast, practical and flexible nature and is used by many experienced Software Engineers operating throughout Dublin and Ireland's leading technology firms. A strong majority of websites, globally, run on PHP.

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of job opportunities within PHP at our client companies with experienced PHP developers commanding above-average salaries and forming a bedrock of successful software engineering teams.

Ruby is also a programming language, which is mostly used for building web applications. 

It’s used by many companies like Github, Amazon and Google. Ruby on rails is a very popular backend web application framework that runs on Ruby and enables the user to default structures for web pages, databases and web services. 

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Average salaries for PHP and Ruby roles


Current tech market trends

There is quite a strong talent pool of IT professionals in Ireland with PHP as a skill. The gender divide remains a concern, there is roughly 18% female and 82% male.

In the past year, there has been a 6% rise in experienced professionals who have changed to this profession, with a high degree of crossover from those with experience working within Python, Java, Laravel, JavaScript and Google Cloud technology frameworks.

Demand for this skill set is 'High' with over 285 current live roles in the Irish IT careers marketplace.

Now hiring for PHP and Ruby Developers in Ireland


PHP and Ruby job seekers guide

We’ve got a few job search support materials available for you if a career mastering these programming languages peaks your interest. Here’s our recommended content to help you make a more informed decision to work within a hiring software development team at a high-tech company here in Dublin or across Ireland.