Java Jobs in Ireland

Java continues to be an extremely popular language in the IT industry as it allows developers to craft programs which use popular software design patterns along with best practices using the various parts from within Java EE.

In our team of IT recruitment consultants, we have those who specifically specialise in recruiting for Java roles for all our different clients. These jobs can either be on a permanent or contract basis. If you as a candidate are more used to permanent positions rather than contract or the other way around, and are interested in making a change, we have created a guide for you. 

This guide sheds light on the advantages and disadvantages that lie in both these options, you can find it here: Contract vs. Permanent Job Opportunities.

Over the past year, with all the extra time on people’s hands they have been able to upskill and develop their talent to ensure that their technical skills give them an added advantage in the IT jobs market.

How has the talent been upskilling within Java? 

  • A lot of Java Developers are upskilling and learning about technologies associated with the cloud. Almost 75% of Software Developers in this space have become upskilled with AWS.
  • The top 5 technologies being learned by Java Developers, over the last 12 months, are Kafka, AWS, React, Kubernetes, and microservices.

Java Jobs- Average salary

  • Senior Level Java Developer:  €70000-85000 per annum

  • Mid Level Java Developer: €50000-70000 per annum

You can find the complete list of Software Development related salaries in our 2021 IT Salary Guide.

Now hiring for Java jobs in Ireland


Current Java market trends:

There are many different trends currently being seen with Software Developers who use Java. A lot of developers are currently working with the Spring Framework from Spring Boot to Spring Cloud. 

Cloud platforms are very popular at the moment and a large number of Java Developers would be working with AWS or other cloud technologies. 

Job search resources for Java professionals

The complete process of job hunting and interviewing could be extremely taxing on individuals. It is important to keep close to industry developments and ensure that you’re keeping up with the market. 

To help ease this process for you, we as IT recruitment experts have put together a few guides that can help you along the process. Soon, we will be releasing a specific interview guide for Java professionals, specifically. Until this feel free to browse through our IT insights page

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