Data Centre Salary Guide Ireland 2024

Data Centre Salary Guide Ireland 2024

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Data centre job market trends

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Amidst the cautious financial climate, job cuts, and a noticeable slowdown in recruitment efforts, 2023 marked a stark departure from the hiring fervour seen in the early stages of 2022. Despite initial optimism, industry leaders such as Meta, Google, and Amazon grappled with workforce reductions. While the tech sector confronted challenges, the overall impact proved less severe than initially anticipated.

In the realm of tech-focused roles, such as data centre operations, the impact of the economic downturn on headcount reduction was relatively minimal. Primarily, the changes we observed were attributed to the conclusion of contracts for many candidates rather than outright layoffs. Nonetheless, there was a noticeable decrease in demand for talent compared to previous years. From the vantage point of a recruitment agency, the year unfolded with a slowdown in hiring processes during Q1, followed by a notably subdued Q2. It wasn't until Q3 that a resurgence in demand within our sector was tangible, with clients actively seeking additional talent. Conversations with various recruitment agencies across Ireland and the UK echoed this trend, noting heightened demand for permanent hires across multiple domains, including tech. While agency recruitment often serves as a reliable indicator of economic trends, the uptick observed wasn't groundbreaking.


Some of the emerging trends within the data centre jobs space:

  1. High demand and skills gap: Demand for data centre roles remains high across various levels, from technicians to managers. However, there exists a noticeable difference between available talent and required qualifications. Specific areas witnessing heightened demand encompass IT, network, optical/mechanical/electrical engineers, project managers, and data centre managers.

  2. Focus on sustainability and efficiency: There's a mounting emphasis on energy efficiency and the establishment of green data centres, fueling the need for expertise in renewable energy integration and sustainable design. As a result, we anticipate a surge in new job openings tailored to achieving sustainability objectives within this sphere.

  3. Automation and AI integration: Increased adoption of automation and AI to manage data centre operations, leading to demand for professionals with automation and AI skills. This trend underscores the emergence of a fresh set of skills and talent sought after within this realm.


As we look ahead, the landscape appears uncertain, with no clear signals indicating a distinctly positive or negative direction. While the anticipated rebound in the tech sector in late 2023 didn't manifest as expected, and persistent challenges remain, there are reasons for optimism. Encouragingly, we're witnessing a gradual uptick in demand for our on-site data centre teams, and Ireland is also seeing announcements of new job opportunities and investment ventures, hinting at potential promise for the future.


What does this tech salary guide for Ireland cover?

  • Our new comprehensive salary guide will cover salary levels (both permanent and contracting rates) for different roles across Infrastructure, Data Centres and Networking sectors. 

  • We also dive into the top 5 industry trends to focus on in 2024.

  • Finally we explore the growth of IT contracting in Ireland and its future in 2024.


The purpose of this document is to assist both employers and employees in refining their recruitment strategies and gaining a deeper understanding of their positioning within the market.

To provide you with the most accurate and dependable insights, our team of seasoned IT recruitment consultants conducted thorough research and actively interacted with the talent market to compile this guide.



Looking for a new IT job in Ireland this new year?

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If you're seeking new opportunities in the data centre field across Ireland or Europe, reach out to our team of IT recruiters. We may have the perfect fit for you. Take a look at our data centre jobs page to explore current openings. If you spot a role that aligns well with your skills and aspirations, don't hesitate to apply and kickstart the process.

Additionally, visit our career insights page for industry knowledge, interview tips, and more valuable resources. If you're a company in need of assistance with your recruitment strategies, get in touch with us to help map out your hiring plans.



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