.NET Software Development Jobs in Ireland

The .NET framework is popular amongst many tech companies as it helps develop high quality applications faster. Specialist roles for mid-level and senior .net developers with experience in this framework can be found across various industries ranging from Banking, to Financial Services and Ecommerce domains. 

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Industry trends

  • There is a relatively strong talent pool for developers with the C#, .NET skill set in Ireland according to our primary research working with our clients, featuring some of Ireland's most prominent IT employers. But, demand is still higher than the active roles making it a highly in demand skill for employers. 

  • There has been a 63% increase in the number of these developers who have gained Kubernetes as a skill in the past year and are actively leveraging it within their company.

  • Another trend is the 60% increase in Microservice skills. Developers are seeing the potential of this architecture as it enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. 

  • We can also see the popularity of upskilling in frontend development. General frontend skills have increased by 42% with a 43% increase in TypeScript, a frontend Microsoft programming language, and a 41% increase in React js, a modern open source JavaScript library. 

  • There’s a 38% increase (in the last 12 months) of developers learning Azure as a skill and a 37% increase of developers learning AWS as a skill, getting exposure to Cloud is particularly important among developers. Where previously Cloud was a preferred skill for .net developer jobs, it has now become a required skill on many job specifications.

  • Another interesting figure is the amount of developers already with AWS skills – 2,355 which is 13.8% of the total number of developers in this area, clearly highlighting that AWS is more commonly used in Ireland than other cloud platforms.


.Net job seekers guide

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