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A successful Product Manager is one who can learn and understand a customer's needs and also have a good grasp on the wider business objectives. They take ownership of a software product, its development and features and play a pivotal role in ensuring engineering teams deliver a quality end product.

Based on this information, they will be able to understand what exactly the product or feature will be able to fulfil. They also have the ability to articulate all this information into a well mapped out roadmap and motivate their team to collectively achieve their goals.

With an inherent ability to prioritise great user experience (UX) and streamline products with customer excellence in mind, Product Managers weave vision, strategy and execution onto a roadmap to deliver innovative solutions many others can't pull off, making them an integral part of the product engineering mix and one of the most highly sought-after IT professionals we see demand for among our client company portfolio.

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IT Market Trends regarding Product Management

In Ireland, there exists a relatively strong talent base for Product Management roles. With over 270 open jobs in this space right now, current demand for this skill set throughout the Dublin and national technology scene is categorised as 'very high'. 

Unsurprisingly, the top ten employers of professionals within product management are made up of large tech companies (in software & telecoms), banks and gambling.


Average salaries for Product Managers in Ireland

  • Senior Level Product Managers: €75,000-€95,000 per annum

  • Mid-Level Product Managers: €55,000-€75,000 per annum

  • Junior Level Product Managers:  €40,000-€55,000 per annum

  • Senior Level Product Managers (contract):  €450-€550 daily rate

  • Mid-Level Product Managers (contract): €350-€450 daily rate

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Job Search Guide for Product Managers

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