DevOps Engineer Jobs in Ireland

DevOps Engineers are responsible for building, testing and maintaining the infrastructure and tools to allow for the speedy development and release of software. They look to simplify the development process of software to allow for rapid and easy deployment.

We are seeing a surge in demand for DevOps skills and this has driven salaries up for candidates with this capability. So if you are looking for more information please contact us here


DevOps jobs market insights

DevOps remains extremely popular with a rise of 3% with huge demand industry wide for DevOps Engineers in general. 

The majority of DevOps engineers will be skilled in Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP. We have seen many of our client company organisations migrating towards serverless tech stacks and architectures in recent times and the trend looks set to continue.

A lot of companies/candidates would be working with Infrastructure as Code with tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Cloudformation, and Chef. Containers such as Kubernetes and Docker would be used in a number of organisations. It is an extremely competitive market at the minute and an area that will only continue to grow.


Average salary for DevOps roles in Ireland

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Job seekers guide to the IT industry

We have a few recommendations that might help you in your job search for your next DevOps engineer role, be in ona permanent or contract basis.

Like any IT job, to put yourself forward as a compelling candidate, you need to be able to articulate yourself well, cover the main points and represent yourself well in this highly competitive market in order to stand out.

Here are a few content guides that will help set you apart from other DevOps candidates: