BI & Data Analytics Jobs in Ireland

We live in a data driven world today. Through the power of data we’re able to understand and solve problems that arise in different aspects of our lives. Data science is a skill in high demand and can be seen in different industries all the way from online businesses, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, politics, to name a few. 

The demand for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics professionals is growing year on year. If you are interested in a new job opportunity within this area connect with our team of consultants who deal with data analytics. They will be happy to guide you through any questions you might have about the market, you can just email us at

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics jobs market trends

  • The average tenure is currently 1.2 years.

  • 62% of professionals in this space are male, with 38% female.

  • There are around 490 open roles looking for candidates with the titles of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics right now so the demand would be categorised as 'Very High', particularly in industries such as IT & Services, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Internet and Computer Software.

Average salary for data-focused jobs

  • Business Intelligence Developer €50000-75000

  • Database Developer (Oracle/ SQL Server) €50000-70000

  • Senior Database Developer (Oracle/ SQL Server) €70000-90000

  • Download complete list of salaries here

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BI and Data Analytics job seekers guide

Everyone could use a little more help while applying for new jobs. The jobs market is ever changing so it’s always a good idea to get in touch with a recruiter who specialises in your particular niche and seek out their guidance.

So, if you're a Business Intelligence or Data Analytics professional and seeking help regarding creating the ideal CV and looking for guidance on interview processes and questions, we are happy to help.

We will be soon releasing our Interview guide on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. So stay tuned!

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