IT Contracting

Our IT contracting service enables businesses to grow their bandwidth with speed and efficiency. Whether it’s the demand of winning a new project, or a freeze on permanent headcount, IT contracting gives you the flexibility to scale up or down with ease. We have been delivering IT contract resources into our clients since 2006. GemPool will manage the figure and take all the hassle away from you.

Since 2006, we have delivered niche IT contract resources across a number of industries like telco, government, software product, e-commerce, fintech, medtech, pharma, software services, travel and retail, to name a few. The skillsets we can provide are wide ranging across tech specifically anywhere along the software development lifecycle, project management, product management, data centre, infrastructure and networking.

We can tailor this service offering to your needs. 

Get in touch with us by emailing and we will work with you to find the right people that you need.

*Pricing would remain consistent and similar across all the different recruitment service offering.