Top 5 Things to Avoid in a Job Interview

Top 5 Things to Avoid in a Job Interview

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You have the technical skills, you have the experience, you have the drive to do a great job and you have just been invited for an interview with a company you’d like to work for. Everything is going swimmingly. 

If you’ve read our previous articles on interview preparation, you know exactly what you need to do to get this amazing job. That along with the help of our team of highly reliable recruitment consultants, you are already on the right path! 

You’re off to a good start, but now you need to deliver. What could possibly go wrong you wonder?! Well, a few things actually, but not to worry because you are about to find out five things to avoid during your interview that will ensure you leave the right impression and avoid these mistakes people make.

There are many IT jobs in Ireland that result in many opportunities for many candidates. This also means a first impression is more important than ever, and whilst you may focus on what you can do in the interview, it’s important to be aware of what you should avoid!


  1. Distractions
    avoid distractions during an interview

    In a world of technology and every aspect of our lives going digital, we can be bombarded with notifications such as calls from loved ones, texts from friends asking you to meet them, or emails from the subscription service asking for that dreaded monthly payment. It really is difficult to switch off the digital world when in an interview, especially when interviews are virtual!

    However, being distracted in an interview is not the impression you want to give, as you need to show your future employer that you are focused and ready for the task at hand, rather than show how easily distracted you can get with the sound of one little bell.

    Whether you are at an interview, in person or online, make sure you have your devices on “do not disturb” which can help you tune out. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised by the feedback we receive from Hiring Managers. So, stay focused and keep your head in the game.

  2. Reading Off A Script
    interview answers

    When an actor is reading their lines, they are going to use their script at the start, but do you see them read a script when they are on the stage or in the video? I’d hope not! That wouldn’t be too enjoyable to watch, and the same applies to interviews! 

    It’s great to do the preparation, have the notes there to learn from and give yourself the best chance for success in the interview, but by the time the interview comes around, you need to be natural with your answers and articulate your experience in the best manner possible. 

    If you come across as rehearsed rather than genuine, the interviewer will question your intentions and your interest in joining their company. Your interview is your chance to highlight your skills and abilities, but it also presents you with the opportunity to showcase your personality and that should never be scripted. 

    Show them what you can bring to the team and how you’ll fit in, that’s half the battle! 

  3. Poor Body Language
    body language at interviews

    It is so important to give the interviewer the right impression, and if you come across disinterested, they won’t be keen on hiring you. You may naturally be laid back, but it’s important at this moment to show your eagerness to be part of this company you’re interviewing for. 

    This is your moment to display your intentions, make it count! Be confident, make eye contact, have good posture. Put your best foot forward and give the interviewer a glimpse into your work ethic and approach. 

    There are many ways to put your best foot forward whether it’s an interview in person or an online interview, so make sure to learn how!

  4. Speaking Negatively About Previous Employers
    poor body language

    Your potential new employer is looking for a trustworthy and reliable new employee. So, how would it look if you spoke poorly of your current/previous employer? 

    Your loyalty would definitely come into question and you are painting yourself in a negative light, and that is not what you want when you are trying to get a job. 

    Make sure to speak about previous employers appropriately, as the interviewer may think you were part of the issue. You don’t need to talk about how amazing they are if you did not have a good time, but turn your experience into a positive one, whether that was a learning experience or you realising that you want to improve in a different environment.

    I know personally, I didn’t enjoy stock-taking in my previous retail work during college because it’s boring and repetitive, but it’s about the conveyance of being eager for a new challenge that wasn’t available in my previous work rather than being rude about the work I had to do.

  5. Not Having Questions Prepared
    prepare post interview questions

    You are going to be spending 5 days a week, working with this employer and their team if you were to get the job. What impression does it give the interviewer if you have no questions about where you are going to be spending the majority of your time? 

    It shows that you have minimal interest in the company and that you don’t have an interest in your own career path.  It is really important to ask the questions not just for the employer to know that you are engaged in the conversation and are in fact interested in the company, but to show your own drive for your own career!


If you cannot see the pattern by now, the interview is all about making the right impression. Whilst you may proactively focus on what to do in the interview, it’s just as important to focus on what not to do! This is your opportunity to give a great impression, don’t let these mistakes ruin your opportunity to get a job you really want!

Our careers page is a perfect place to look for opportunities and then apply what you’ve learned from this article and take a step towards your next ideal job. We also have more career-related articles that will help guide you towards success, and our team are happy to help where we can!

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