Are You Aware Of The Signs That Indicate It’s Time To Switch Jobs?

Are You Aware Of The Signs That Indicate It’s Time To Switch Jobs?

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by Namratha Ambat
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Can you pinpoint the exact moment when you realised you needed a fresh start in terms of your work life? Are you able to determine the factors and circumstances that lead to this decision? It’s never just a single reason that leads to this moment. It usually is a mix of different elements, piling up over a period of time, that made you realise it’s time to start the next chapter. 

You begin to see it when the bad moments start dominating your good times, that’s when you know it’s time to move on. You might have had a good journey for the most of it or maybe it was the opposite with a lot of hurdles, but once you’re saturated you need to accept it and look for a change. Sticking it out, out of loyalty or fear of change is not the right decision. This could be harmful to not only your career but will begin to impact your well being. That being said, this does not mean the minute you experience a minor inconvenience or have a moment of disagreement with your boss or peers, you quit. You need to weigh out your reasons and really consider how the different factors have influenced your decision and whether those reasons are justified. 

Signs indicating that you’re losing interest in your job: 

  • You’re complaining about work, more than you’re enjoying it

Your job takes up a majority of your time every week, it should create a drive within you, rather than demotivate you. If the good times are just a memory rather than a reality, you should be exploring new opportunites. 

  • New opportunities always look tempting 
    Browsing for new jobs

If you find yourself constantly browsing through new opportunities you’re probably looking for something more exciting and you believe you’ve reached your full potential at your current job.

  • You’ve been procrastinating more when it comes to your work

If you’ve been putting off your daily duties more often than not, it indicates a loss in interest and you no longer find the job challenging and stimulating. Based on our market survey the majority of the respondents indicated that a challenging and fruitful job is as important as the money earned in the current market. 

  • Impact on your health 
    Impacting your mental health

A job when you’re unsatisfied with your surroundings, superiors, and peers, will slowly and steadily begin to take a toll on your physical and mental health. It would begin to impact your sleep patterns, your eating habits and in general, deteriorate your peace of mind. 

Next steps to take before you quit:   

  • Map out your plans to switch

You should never just abruptly leave. You need to make a well-calculated move. Make sure you are in a position of strength, with an offer in hand before you go ahead and quit. It’s easier to bag a new job when you’re still working as explaining a spell of unemployment is far more tricky. 

  • Quit on good terms 

While switching jobs it’s better to leave on good terms, burning bridges doesn’t help. The negative portrayal of your current employer is not a good idea as it would create a lack of trust with your new company, since your loyalty comes into question. Also, a good way to leave would be by providing your company with a good notice period so that they can plan for your replacement. 

  • Request an exit interview 
    Schedule an exit interview

Requesting an exit interview helps you end things with your current company on a positive note. Providing them with honest feedback on your time working with them and offering to train or putting together a detailed document for the next person to pick up from where you left off, helps end the relationship in a positive manner.  

  • Wrap things up
    Wrap things up

Before you leave, the right thing to do would be to complete any projects you’ve already been working on. This would professionally represent you when it comes to your new company, as well as ensure a smooth transition with your current company. A good way to tidy up your desk before you walk out the door. 

If you think it’s time for a new venture and are looking for something exciting and refreshing in the tech industry, get in touch with us. We might have the next best thing lined up for you. You can browse through all the opportunities we’re scouting for on our careers page and if you find something apply now.  

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