Work After Lockdown- Industry Survey and Results

Work After Lockdown- Industry Survey and Results

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by Namratha Ambat
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Life after lockdown

At the beginning of April, all we hoped for was things to return to "normal". Our personal and work-lives were completely displaced and we were introduced to a new way of living as our home and work life began to merge into one. Now, as things are now beginning to wind down and we're allowed to step back into the office it almost seems impossible to just snap back into our former normalcy. 

Over three months of creating a new world and living alongside the virus have taught us many lessons. Let’s look at it from the work-front. For this purpose we surveyed individuals who worked through the lockdown for different companies across Ireland, to understand their experience and more importantly what they are expecting as they slowly begin to return to work. 

What’s the new normal work arrangements going to be? 

Work after lockdown

Positive experiences of working from home

Challenges of working from home

Importance remote working as a company benefit

Main concerns and challenges of returning to work

Future of work after covid lockdown

Results from the survey and what the post-lockdown work-life would look like 

The key learning point from this survey is that WFH was a success rather than a pain point for majority of the respondents. This was due to increased work flexibility and absence of a commute. Along with the success, the primary areas of concern were: increase distractions and the loss of company culture. Just as company culture was becoming a defining factor in a job selection process, the remote working option caused an inconvenience. Many companies have begun to make plans to take remote work into consideration, while mapping out ways to uphold company culture. The leading HR Managers in Ireland gave their insights on how they are ensuring employee work and health needs are met at this time. You can find the complete list here: How To Navigate Through The New Normal?

Companies should address all employee concerns before returning to work, so that the transition is made easily. Months of lockdown would have a clear impact on the mental health of employees, which would lead to growing concerns. It's a new world that we will be returning to, it would be crucial to test what works best for your company and develop a roadmap from there. Nearly all the respondents are looking for the option to work from home, going forward. If this pandemic has taught us something on the work-front, it is that people remain productive even a home setting.

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