Candidate Interview Experience Survey And Analysis

Candidate Interview Experience Survey And Analysis

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by Namratha Ambat
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Conducting and attending interviews is a tedious and long process, for both the employers and candidates. It takes a good amount of an organisation's resources and efforts, to make that one apt hire and it takes a great deal of effort on the candidates’ part to prepare and deliver on a great interview. During an interview process is where a company really creates an impression in the candidate’s mind regarding their functions, processes and culture. It is critical to manage this impression and ensure that the company builds a good opinion in the eyes of a potential candidate. 

To really understand candidates' sentiments when it comes to interviewing in the Irish market, we conducted a survey to learn about their positive and negative experiences. Here are the key findings attached below. 

Survey and analysis:

Candidate Interview Experience 1

Number of active candidates in the job market looking for job opportunities

Interview process and companies

Basis for rejecting job offers

Negative interview experiences

Negative interview experience, interviewer behaviour and slow process

negative interview experience inappropriate questions

How to avoid negative interview experiences

Positive interview experiences

Positive interview experiences, supportive company and nature of interview

reasons for positive interview experiences

Number of candidates open to opportunities

Candidates interview experience conclusion

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