What To Expect In Terms Of Salary In Ireland

What To Expect In Terms Of Salary In Ireland

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by Namratha Ambat
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Salary is always a sensitive topic at the end of every interview, but a key element in any job negotiation. If you are shifting countries, switching companies or new to the work environment having prior salary knowledge regarding the expected salary for what you bring to the table will provide better perspective and ensure you are not being underpaid. You are putting in the effort, you should be fairly rewarded.


Salary most certainly depends on a person’s experience and skill-set, so all the numbers below reflect the amount you can expect based on the level of experience you have. A recent salary survey conducted sheds proper light on the latest updates on salary in different fields one can expect while working in Ireland.  With Brexit opening doors to more and more companies shifting their base to Ireland, it has lead to an increasing demand for IT professionals in the country as well. The demand for software professionals specialising in Java, C#, PHP and many more, has only depicted an upward trend in the past year. Dublin is becoming the centre of all the great development, but job opportunities in the West of Ireland also show great potential. Like we mentioned earlier, it is a great time to be working in the IT sector in Ireland.


That being said, moving to Ireland comes with a cost attached to it and we drew a clear picture of that in last week’s blogpost, now we’re going to try and paint a picture of what rates you should be expecting while joining a new job. All figures negotiated in terms of salary are essentially the gross value. In order to determine your monthly disposable income the tool from PwC- Ireland Income Tax Calculator, could render rather helpful.

The numbers below are specifically related to the technology and software sector. If you are not hitting this mark, get in touch with us info@gempool.ie to have a discussion about your options or head over to our jobs page for more insight.

  • Java Developers Salary Guide

    Java Developers Salary in Ireland


  • C/C++ Developers’ Salary Guide

    developers salary in ireland


  • UX Designers' Salary Guide

    UX developers salary in ireland


  • UX Developers' Salary Guide


  • Solutions Architect Salary Guide 

  • solutions architect salary in ireland


  • PHP Developer Salary Guide

    PHP developers salary in Ireland


  • C# and .NET Developers' Salary Guide

    C sharp and Net developers salary in Ireland


  • Ruby On Rails Developers' Salary Guide

    Ruby on rails developers salary in ireland


There you go, now you know where to start your negotiations. We aim to bring you relevant information related to the industry every week. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the IT sector and the recruitment environment follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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