Is There A Demand for IT Contractors Currently?

Is There A Demand for IT Contractors Currently?

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by Conor Kealy
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Welcome to the exhilarating world of tech contracting, where the demand for IT superheroes is skyrocketing, and the digital landscape is buzzing with action! Amidst economic upheavals and the pandemic's aftermath, a new era of online business has dawned, blazing brighter than ever before.


Unleashing the Contracting Revolution

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As the digital universe expands, companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Zoom have risen to meteoric heights, leaving a trail of success that can only be matched by Hollywood blockbusters. With this cyber-explosion comes an insatiable hunger for tech talent to keep the virtual wheels spinning smoothly.

Picture this: video conferencing galore, online shopping extravaganzas, and cutting-edge software developments. It's a jungle out there, and IT contractors are the fearless adventurers paving the way through the digital wilderness. The colossal surge in platform usage has spawned a whole new breed of contractors, armed with skills like cybersecurity, e-commerce wizardry, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data mastery.


The Shape of Tech Demand: A Phenomenon Unveiled

Traditionally, IT demand waltzed to the rhythm of the economy. But hey, 2020 flipped the script and gave us all a plot twist to remember. The world's GDP went south by over 5%, but guess what? IT demand shot straight to the stars! According to Tech Employment Insights, the demand for IT contractors surged by 35% in 2022, defying economic trends. The dawn of a new recession, '08/’09, once foreshadowed an uptick in IT contracting, and now, in this grand spectacle, 2023 beckons us towards a similar trend.

However, hold your breath, dear adventurers, for this chapter is a tale of the unexpected. The future is enigmatic, with a vaccine revolutionising the world's landscape. What lies beyond the digital horizon once the vaccine magic settles in? Only time will tell!


Tech Contractor or Company Warrior: Who Reigns Supreme?

The battleground between hiring tech contractors and nurturing in-house talent is as fierce as any gladiator showdown. Behold, for the criteria to unleash either the tech contractors or the in-house titans are revealed!


The Marvelous IT Contractor- Benefits to Companies

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Quick and Agile: Need a task force to soar to new heights without a tedious training process? Cue the tech contractors with their niche skills, swooping in to save the day! They hit the ground running like a digital tornado of productivity

Time Savers Extraordinaire: In the blink of an eye, contractors infuse value into projects without the long ramp-up periods that permanent hires demand. Free up your commanders' time to conquer new frontiers while the contractors handle the battlefield.

Resource Management: Having the flexibility of engaging contractors for specific projects or periods means that businesses can allocate resources judiciously, optimising the return on investment. Contractors offer a dynamic and agile approach, allowing companies to respond swiftly to market demands and shifts in the industry. Their ability to adapt and deploy specialized skills as needed ensures that businesses can remain competitive in an ever-evolving tech landscape.


Navigating the Datacenter Landscape

Within this ever-evolving tech landscape, one of the hotspots is the datacenter industry. In Ireland, especially in Dublin, the climate for Datacenter roles is vibrant. With over 1,300 Data Center technicians in Dublin alone, the demand for these roles is high, presenting challenges in talent retention. Industry giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Vodafone are at the forefront of employing Data Center technicians. There are currently 69 active job listings for data center technicians in Ireland. Over the last year, out of the 1,326 Data Center technicians working in Ireland, 223 have transitioned to other occupations, in line with the medium tenure of 1.7 years.

From my personal experience, it's evident that the demand for technicians is on the rise, particularly for those with a few years of experience. Many large datacenter companies brought in junior technicians post-COVID, and the focus is now shifting towards candidates with more seniority.


The Contractor Conquest: Why Companies Pledge Allegiance

The reasons behind the soaring trend of tech contracting are manifold:

  • Skills on Tap: When projects require an extra boost of power, IT contractors ride in to save the day. They lend their skills and knowledge  to projects, augmenting staff like a much-needed potion.

  • Specialist Sorcery: In the realm of IT skills, some companies yearn for mythical talents they don't possess. Enter the contractors, wielding the rarest of skills like enchanted artifacts

  • Flexibility Unleashed: The digital landscape is ever-shifting, demanding adaptive strategies. Hiring IT contractors empowers companies to swell or shrink their forces as needed.

  • Taming the Talent Quest: In the enchanted forest of tech talent, the search for permanent employees can be a Herculean task. IT contractors offer an easier path to summon the required skills.

  • The Contractual Magic: With a flick of the contractual wand, dismissing a contractor is swift, unlike the labyrinthine journey of letting go of a permanent employee.


Calling All Adventurers to the GemPool Enclave!

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Dear brave souls, the call to action awaits! In the mystical realm of Ireland, a sanctuary called GemPool stands, where tech talents and companies unite in harmony. For nearly two decades, GemPool has wielded its magic, aligning businesses with the elusive tech skills they crave.

Venture forth and explore the wonders that lie ahead: GemPool IT Contracting Recruitment

For further inquiries and revelations of the tech world, send a message to Contractors seeking new adventures can venture to our careers page, where opportunities await!

Embark on this thrilling journey, and together we shall unlock the true potential of the digital realm!


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