Irish Jobs Are On The Rise And The IT Sector Is At The Centre Of It

Irish Jobs Are On The Rise And The IT Sector Is At The Centre Of It

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The jobs scenario in Ireland has been thriving since 2017. The available job opportunities have only been flourishing and according to the article from the Irish Times by 2019, the Irish economy could be potentially looking to achieve full employment. One of the key industries that is contributing to this growth and which is creating a pool of jobs is in fact the tech industry. If you’re an IT professional and located in Ireland, your future looks pretty promising.

Growth of job opportunities in Dublin and Galway

 IT and tech jobs in ireland

The big companies by the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Accenture, and Airbnb opened doors for the IT world in Ireland. Ireland is housing some of the top runners in the information technology sector as well as supporting the smaller developments in the industry. It is now becoming a popular location to support start-up scene, with the numbers increasing yearly. Dublin is no longer the sole supporter of new opportunities, Galway is on its way to host a substantial number of large corporations. They paved the path and lead to an increase in the available jobs in this sector. An additional factor contributing to this IT boom is the access to the young and talented workforce. The top universities such as DIT, UCD, Trinty and DCU are offering strong programmes which are in turn sourcing the refined and skilful workforce to fill these job vacancies. With smart young people looking for graduate jobs in the market, the talent pool has expanded and provides great potential. 

It’s a good time to be an IT professional in Ireland

 IT and tech jobs in ireland

This growth opened doors and lead to a demand for professionals in cybersecurity, Java developers, UX/UI designers and cloud technology to name a few. According to Irish Central around 100 new jobs have been added per week over the past five years in this sector, indicating there exists growth potential and demand for IT professionals. Different skill-sets and different industries, but IT professionals are most sought after. So if you are a talented IT personnel head over to our careers and have a look, if you find a role that suits you, maybe it’s time to apply!

Dublin is doing everything in its power to match the level demand and connect the talent with the right opportunities. In this favour a large number of tech fairs have come to light, one such opportunity in the near future would be the Tech Job Fair which could potentially be enriching and give the candidates a better insight into the available opportunities.

The IT sector is on the rise and potential job opportunities in this domain are only increasing. If you're on the lookout for roles in the tech industry, we could help put you in touch with these opportunities. For any queries regarding the vacancies we are recruiting for, you could email us at To stay ahead of the game follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest developments in the recruitment environment.

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