GemPool In Conversation With Strata3

GemPool In Conversation With Strata3

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by Namratha Ambat
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Our interview series definitely felt the impact of the pandemic, but here's the next one with one of Ireland's best! Our Director Michael Lantry interviewed the Head of People and Operations at Strata3- Shona Healy, to learn about the companies core values, their people-centric environment, their growth plans and how quickly the company adpated to these unprecedented times. They are Ireland's largest independent digital strategy, innovation and performance agency, you can now read their whole story below.  

GemPool Interview with Strata3 1

GemPool Interview with Strata3 2

GemPool Interview with Strata3 3

GemPool Interview with Strata3 4

GemPool Interview with Strata3 5

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