During an interview for a tech job, what questions should you be asking?

During an interview for a tech job, what questions should you be asking?

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by Sonia

In 99% of interviews, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions. This is an opportunity to gain more insight into the role and the company, amongst other things. Also, this is a key part in terms of showing your own interest in the position. Not asking anything is seen as a red flag by most.

Recruiting is a ‘two way street’: recruiters and hiring managers expect to quizzed back by the interviewee and they should know that they need to sell the role as much as you need to sell yourself.

Despite this, candidates are still not aware of the benefits that the right approach at these questions will bring them. You should always pre-prepare 8-10 questions to ask during your interview. The reason for this many is that most will already be answered during the natural flow of the interview. So you should be left with at least three to ask.

As well as your pre-prepared questions, it’s always good to ask something at the end relating to something discussed during the interview. This shows that you paid attention and are going back to get more detail on a certain topic or area.

So, what are the right kind of questions you should ask in a tech job interview?

We have gathered some idea’s in the infographic below.



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