GemPool is in bed with ‘Sexiest Jobs of the 21st Century’ by Ciarán Williams

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Artificial Intelligence - Taking or Creating Jobs?

The diffusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to significantly influence
human life over the next decade, but to what extent will it replace the humans
it seeks to help? Humans often look to the future in a linear fashion, perhaps
unaware of the exponential change that technology will bring. Here at GemPool,
we’ve seen the market edge closer and closer towards a more mature AI focused
industry in Ireland, with the potential for exponential growth. The question
has arisen as to whether humans and robots can co-exist in our current working
environment. Will AI make human labour redundant? If so, what jobs are at risk?
Furthermore, what jobs will be created?

I.T’s All Men! By Shannon Begley

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Ireland has

truly become a global tech hub and, with the industry thriving, 2018 is set to
be another exciting year within the ICT sector in Ireland. As a recruiter in
this industry, I just don’t understand why I spend most of my days speaking to
men. Each day I source for developers
and each day I ask myself the same question, where are all the women? At GemPool, we cover so many areas within the ICT sector and each area
does vary in terms of the woman to man ratio. However, after sourcing for
developers for over 5 months now, I can count how many women I’ve spoken to on
one hand.

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At GemPool your right to privacy is paramount. We commit to following all principles and guidelines outlined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 25th 2018.

The GDPR is designed to protect individuals and their personal data. As part of the GDPR we seek consent for all data we collect, collected only to enable the recruitment process.

Please review this policy before agreeing that we can process your data.

The 3 Best Questions To Ask During An Interview In A Tech Start-Up

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Short article aimed at those planning on joining a tech start-up. This article highlights 3 key questions you should be asking during the interview process.

Why is tech recruitment so difficult?

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by John

Tech recruitment is one of the biggest (If not the biggest) challenges…

Gamification - would you like to play a game?

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Gamification - would you like to play a game?

Moving to Ireland

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Career opportunities with high salaries and good benefits could be waiting for you.

IT Recruitment Day in Poland

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Are you a Senior IT Specialist looking for a new Challenge?