Managed Payroll Services

GemPool Managed Services Ltd. is a sister company of GemPool Ltd. responsible for payroll services. We take the hassle away from you. This will save time, administration, legal dependence and reduce your overhead costs. If you need to bring people onsite for short term assignments or contract roles, we can run the payroll for you.

The key benefits of using our payroll services:

- Time saving:

GemPool’s payroll services will save you time. Our dedicated payroll experts will take the hassle away from you and let you focus on other, more value-add activities. As part of our payroll services, all administration and induction of the employees/contractors will be conducted by our team.

- Cost effective:

The difference in the cost of having an in-house payroll team vs. outsourcing payroll services is significant. We take away the need to have payroll staff, salaries, benefits, and payroll software, amongst other overheads. Our established payroll service is ready to go, simple and scalable. Our expertise enables a smooth, streamlined delivery with very predictable costs.

Risk management:

We are fully GDPR compliant and can guarantee the security of your data. Proper data storage and protection measures are in place.

- High quality:

Our payroll team consists of professionals with significant experience within payroll services and tax management. They will be able to provide a consultative approach to you. This knowledge and their understanding of the latest trends and regulatory changes, results in a higher quality of service for you.

- Tailored service:

Our services are completely adaptable to your requirements. This will give you the flexibility to grow your business when you need it.

*Pricing would remain consistent and similar across all the different recruitment service offerings.