Some of the most common and least secure passwords used in 2017

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by Sonia

The world is getting more virtual than ever and to keep up with this new reality we need to be constantly connected to the Internet. From social networks and email accounts to online services like banking, e-commerce platforms or job portals, the quantity of personal data we share with online companies is huge. Therefore protecting our data is essential and we should be aware of the correct methodologies we need to employ for safeguarding them. People often try to avoid this step, using one easy password for logging in to all of these domains.

This strategy appears to be the best solution for the inexperienced and lazy who often think ‘It is just the website to buy the cat’s food; I don’t need to protect that!’

This concept is definitely wrong. These  passwords, besides being incredibly easy to crack, are dangerous as they allow hackers easily infiltrate our personal accounts. But which passwords are the‘dangerous’ passwords we are talking about?


Splash Data has drawn up a report where they have collected the worst 100 passwords used in 2017. According to the same research, 10% of web users have used one of these and 3% of them have used ‘123456’ to protect one or more accounts. From the timeless ‘123456’ through to ‘monkey’ to ‘banana’, the list of the most common passwords used in 2017 is long and quite funny. We have reported below some of those passwords. 

Could  you find one of your passwords in this list? Maybe your Facebook password is ‘Robert’ or ‘sunshine’ or even ‘cheese’. You can tell us in the comment if you’re using one of those passwords for protecting your accounts! And remember: after have commented, go and change it! 😊




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